Are you ready to get on the Property ladder?

You’re in the right place


If you’re like most everyday kiwis, you really want to own that piece of paradise that you can call your own right? You might have aspirations to own rental properties and investments… Problem is, you might not know where to start? There is so much information out there… Kiwi saver withdrawals, first home owner grants, loan to value ratios, deposits, subsidies, Insurances... SO.MUCH.INFORMATION.

Where to start?

When we bought our first home, 5 years ago, we struggled. Brent was working as a Business Banking Manager at the time, you’d think he would know better than anyone! We trawled the internet looking at all our options but what we really wanted was for someone to hold our hand through the process, or at least point us in the right direction. We were drowning in bank guidelines, kiwi saver forms and felt completely overwhelmed.

Eventually, after attending what felt like a million open homes we found our little piece of paradise (really a two bedroom doer upper!). We placed an offer and it was accepted, a stressful 10 days ensued where we had to come up with the funds to buy. The end result was our first home and we were so stoked. It got us thinking however, there had to be an easier way and we wanted to be able to support other kiwis through the process of buying a home and make it a fun exciting transaction.  

We got addicted to the buzz of buying and selling properties… with 6 properties bought and sold in 5 years, we’ve learnt a thing or two about how to get on the property ladder and beyond.

Over the past four years since we started our Mortgage Advice business, we have helped 1000s of hard working kiwis buy property. We are part of the Loan Market Group, NZ’s biggest group of Mortgage Advisors, meaning you have access to all the main banks and lenders and the best rates. If you are looking for honest, real advice about how to get onto the property ladder and beyond, you’re in the right place.