6 Tips to Help You Save

These 6 Tips apply to first time buyers and anyone wanting to buy additional property! 🏡🏡🏡

➡️ 1. Make a budget: jump online or talk to an Advisor (that's US) about what your affordability looks like in terms of loan size. Then assess your income vs expenses to figure out how much you need to save for the deposit.

➡️ 2. Stick to your aforementioned savings goal and budget! We found apps like PocketSmith super helpful when we were saving - https://www.pocketsmith.com/

➡️ 3. Sort your personal debts out. Banks are far more likely to loan you $100,000s of dollars if you have little to no short term consumer debt. If you have any debt with collections agencies pay this off first and ASAP. If you have other short term debt consider consolidating it into one loan (we can help you with this also) and make sure you are consistent with your payments to show the bank you can address and handle debt.

➡️ 4. See what help you can get - do you qualify for any grants? Kiwisaver withdrawals? Do you have parents who maybe able to gift you some funds? Or if you currently own a house do you have equity you can access?

➡️ 5. Start now! Best times to start saving was years ago or NOW!

➡️ 6. Look at non bank lenders who may have different criteria to your traditional banks.

➡️ Bonus tip - speak to an unbiased expert A.K.A a Mortgage Advisor 👋👋👋